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spongebob hoarderpants

Yesterday while S. was playing next to me, I caught a glimpse of the beloved SpongeBob in an episode called, “Sentimental Sponge.” During his regular spring clean up, SpongeBob innocently takes his trash to the curb only to be convinced by Patrick that his trash has real sentimental value. SpongeBob descends into hoarding hell and begins to collect used ketchup packets, chewed up gum and even his own sweat. Squidward calls the health department, they threaten to condemn the unlivable house… you know the drill.

How did SpongeBob overcome (kind of) his hoarding problem? He decided to photograph every item before he trashed it, until his house was overrun with photos.

This is especially poignant today as I threw away countless useless (and many poorly taken) photos of squirrels, geese, old buildings, and people I do not need to remember.