I never lose anything, except when I do

IMG_0796Yesterday to celebrate New Years, I took S. to see a movie. On our way there, I did my habitual reach towards the necklace D. recently bought me and there was nothing there. I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I remembered seeing the necklace the day before on the vanity in the bathroom. But yesterday morning I had zealously cleaned and had thrown everything into the sink so I could clear the countertop. Had it gone down the drain?

I couldn’t do anything until I got home, at which time I drove D. and S. crazy as I mentally envisioned everything I had done since I last saw it. I remembered holding it, examining it, and especially seeing it on the counter. I went to the bathroom and began tearing everything apart – even finding things I had long forgotten and knowing I had not seen them recently. I found another necklace I do not even remember receiving.

I proceeded to take apart the pipes under the sink – nothing but a nice clog cleared. And then I remembered that in the morning, the rug on the bathroom floor had been rumpled up like the cats had been digging around. In Australia we have floor drains and that drain is usually covered by the bath mat. My only hope was that the cats had been playing with the necklace and dropped it down the drain – and that my cleaning fury had not washed it away.

IMG_0798I opened up the drain, used tongs to blindly dip into the murky water at the bottom and after about four fruitless scoops, up came the necklace. I am nothing if not determined when I have lost something – especially something I love.


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