packing up

ImageWe leave tomorrow morning for a couple of months in the States. This is the end result of the pack-up. I took an oft-used tip that Joanna discusses on her blog I won’t be a hoarder too: take some old clothes with you and leave them behind. The blue suitcase pictured here is full of clothes that almost don’t fit S. We’re giving most of them to her younger cousin and we’ll buy her new clothes as we need them.

Each suitcase has other suitcases inside it so we can bring back more things if we want. My greater dilemma, though, has been to take enough so that I do not buy clothes out of desperation that I will never wear later. I don’t want to buy things just because they’re cheaper or because I didn’t pack what I already own. I don’t want my home in Australia to be filled up with useless stuff. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve never packed so light before.



One response to “packing up

  1. Niece of Hoarder

    Once you travel like this once, you will always take “dumpers” in the future. I always take old clothes on foreign trips, and I never look worse than anyone else. I have used this trick on trips to Italy, Paris, Mexico, and 3 trips to Africa. One tip is to pack a couple of color themes (red, black, white), then dress up outfits with a scarf or jewelry if needed. Take old nightgowns, underwear & bras(everyone has them) and old tennis shoes, an old pair of black heels for night, and old black flats or boots for daytime. Toss old makeup and toiletries (plus any samples you get at cosmetic counters). Even if people say, “Oh, that outfit looks too nice to throw away”, stick to your guns and throw it away at the end the trip. Trust me, you will feel great coming home to a more organized closet. Safe travels!!

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