secondary issues

Tangential to the last post, when we go to our house in the U.S. I am supposed to pack up any remaining items that matter to me. I’ve made a careful list of what I remember leaving there. I know what items I want to have here with me in Australia. There are only a few things that matter, but some of it has me stuck.

One personally valuable item that I had to leave behind is my paternal grandmother’s china. She passed away when I was only eight years old and I loved the delicate flower pattern on the dishes. I now have her entire collection packed away in a rubbermade bin in the basement of our house. I don’t think I can justify shipping it to Australia, though I may want to have it here some day. It has occurred to me that my brother might like to have it, but he is flying to Florida to see us and won’t likely be able to fly home with a full set of dishes.

If I had a normal parent, I would leave the dishes at his house. Because he’s a hoarder, though, that is the surest way to lose them. The whole thing depresses me; and so, the china will likely remain in the basement of my house where I will continue to store it in my mind, catalogued away, hoarded.

4 responses to “secondary issues

  1. If you have the china n Rubbermaid containers packed WELL, then find your local UPS dude when you get home and have them packed again inside insulated boxes and ship them ground to your brother’s. If you actually talk to the shipper and let them know what is in the boxes, they will arrive whole. I ship a lot of granite and glass so I know. Also, most big towns have a “white gloves” arts shipper. They will want to take the china out of your boxes and pack them themselves. it’s costs but it is so worth it. Search for “fine arts movers”. I called the Dallas Museum of Arts once and asked them who shipped their art deco collection.

  2. you could also take just a cup and saucer, or just a place setting, back with you – it will reduce the value of the set for resale, but it won’t change the sentimental value, and you can have that piece to look at or use.

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