sharing the hurts

ImageWe moved into our new home yesterday and enjoyed the first silent night in about 5 1/2 months. Beautiful eerie silence. We also spent hours assembling furniture and putting things together so we could have the home just the way we like it. Odds and ends are still arriving, house begins to feel like home, and still I struggle not to over spend or over accumulate. Today’s debate in my head: how to decorate for Christmas with S. without buying crap I will store for the next 12 months.

In the midst of the moving, just moments ago I received the following message from a dear friend. I post here with authorization (merci et bisous à somewhereoverthepoutine):

i thought about you today. my mom just sold her house and forced me to get ALL of my shit out of it. I figured that i’d have a few boxes of girdles and whatnot, but holy shit i had like six boxes of books and two boxes full of school papers going all the way back to preschool.i spent all day whittling down my collection of school papers. i can’t describe how much it hurt to toss out drawings from when i was four!!!!! oh it hurt. anyway, you’re not alone in your hoarding struggle!! 

Happy Christmas, y’all. You’re not alone as the holidays bear down upon you, laden with gifts and crap galore.


One response to “sharing the hurts

  1. I get it. I have a box of Christmas decorations under our guest bed, neatly stored. But for the second year in a row, I’ve only adorned our pre-lit tree with Christmas cards we’ve received from THIS year’s holiday season. (My man being gone, tending to the hoard, has sucked a bit of joy from the last two Christmases. Christmasi?)

    I also understand your bon ami’s situation. I recently… okay, not so recently, retrieved two boxes of my keepsakes from my folks’ house. I am not tearing through it as I’d hoped I would.

    However, I have found that scanning the pictures, poems, notes, and achievement certificates, and sharing some of them on my blog assuages any guilt. Guilt which I actually don’t feel. Hell, there are notes and letters from people whom I don’t even remember! Some, I don’t even find worth my time or effort to scan. Those are appreciated, but recycled immediately. And I mean immediately. I don’t even form a pile. I get up after reading or not reading the item and walk to our recycling bin. That’s my rationalized exercise.

    I am enjoying going through these items and reliving these memories. I am not losing the memories; I am refreshing them.

    I wish you all the best in your new home this Holiday, and a Happy Balance in the New Year!!!

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