learning to hoard

Having just watched Toy Story again with S. and just given her another Happy Meal toy over the weekend, the following post which I discovered thanks to ifiwereahoarder.com rings only too true. Derek Boik writes “Teaching our kids to hoard (and making them feel bad about it),” analyzing the progression in the Toy Story series from cute life imbued toys, to collector’s items, to discarded pieces for whom we mourn. How are we supposed to let anything go when it has feelings, life, purpose, and needs us to exist? Boik’s title just needs to be tweaked to “making them feel bad if they don’t.”


2 responses to “learning to hoard

  1. BernieLuvsEllen

    It is so that more money can be put toward the toy industry. LOL Disney is clever.

  2. Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed my short essay. I guess you could say that my wife and I are borderline hoarders (or hoarderline borders). My wife’s mother is an antique dealer and so we have trouble throwing certain things away. We just have a bunch of old, beautiful (somewhat useless) items and live in a tiny NY apartment. Here’s one thing that’s helped us: In addition to getting rid of stuff, we’ve started hanging some of it on our walls as art. It gets it out of the closet and alleviates some of the guilt about not using it.

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