For the past two months, I’ve been thinking about Sid from My Mother-In-Law is Still Sitting Between Us…  and her ability to successfully urge and encourage people, even strangers, to get out from under the hoard. Sid, by the way, thank you.

I would like to say that I am not a meddler, but that is not entirely true. I speak my mind freely, have been known as judgmental and self-righteous, and I enjoy introducing people to each other. However, when it comes to emotional and health issues, my usual response is to ignore sad looks and bad behavior outside my inner-circle. If a person wants to share, I’m more than open, but I have tremendous difficulty asking people if they are OK on a deeper level.

Thinking about the impact Sid’s blog (and the Children of Hoarders listserv and other resources) has had for me, I have to wonder what my life might be like if I could throw myself out there a little more, be the brave one, and perhaps even help a few people out.

Maybe I’m not quite there yet. While several kind strangers encourage me to say something to my parents about their hoarding before it really gets out of hand, I still can’t make myself do it. It’s almost as though I want to see if they will self-destruct on their own. But I do want to learn to make myself more available, even if it means I have to call up my folks and ask  how their pile of crap is doing today.


One response to “meddling

  1. Wow.

    In public tonight, I had just finished a shload of work (*YAY!*). I received an email update from WordPress regarding your post; I was reading it and was totally caught off guard.

    Thank you for the kind words; I DO believe in ALMOST total transparency for myself. Otherwise, I’d feel like a fake or that someone might find out a secret, even if it weren’t mine.

    Especially if it weren’t mine. Wait. I’ve gotten that backwards.

    I know this is a hard battle that each person fights in their own way, and I truly believe there IS NOT ONE RIGHT WAY. There are so many spectra, and approaches, and different circumstances. As long as you fight.

    I do understand, to a degree, many of the challenges. Root for every victory, especially the small ones, because those do add up. And I try not to judge the failures, as long as you own them, and grow from them as best you can.

    Ummm… Sorry. I’ve vomited on your post long enough. But I was touched, and really appreciate that you heard me, and that you continue to find your own answers and success.

    All my best, and you can share your story on my site anytime; I will continue to read yours and cheer.

    Nite, nite!

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