more pieces of me

Yesterday the people staying in our house found a new home for our kitties. I’m not sure why that would or should make me sad, but it really still does. I lived with those cats for nearly six years, even though they came from Canada with D. It took a long time for us to grow close, but I have fond memories of Kiwi climbing on my belly while I was pregnant and perching there while I wrote emails. And in the last year after the dogs had found new homes, Crystal and I became very attached to each other. I’d go out at 11 every night looking for her and then she’d sleep by my hip until morning. Both good cats, gone to a very good farm where they will be very happy hunters (at least that’s the story I’m telling myself – please don’t alter it for me).

On the positive side of finding new homes for pets, and this goes for my cat that went with my ex during our divorce as well, you never have to think about that pet dying from whatever natural or unnatural causes. I had a cat that I adopted in 2001 from a colleague who had to move. After a long unexplicable illness and over $1000 in vet bills, I had to put Balu to sleep in 2004 because he just struggled too much to breathe. I still get choked up thinking about that horrible decision.

And so I’m grateful to you new pet owners who are willing to care for our animals. May our beloved animals bring you much joy, and may they reciprocate for many healthy years to come.


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