D. is still at home, watching it slowly fill up with other people’s stuff and dealing with the trash and keepsakes I’ve left behind. He sent me these pictures today as he prepares to move into the basement for the next week before his departure to join us.

It makes me feel uneasy, to say the least, to see someone else’s stuff in our home. We spent months and months sorting and emptying, only for him to now have to witness someone else’s stuff infiltrating the space. I am thankful, though, that me being away meant that he could get rid of things I felt compelled to keep: a futon, couches, and god knows how many travel-sized shampoos and soaps. Oh, and let’s not forget the 25 pairs of socks he says I’ve bought him over the past 6 years.

Note to D.: If you wore socks on a daily basis, you’d probably only have 5 pairs left.

Note to self: Stop buying socks for people who do not wear them.


2 responses to “invasions

  1. I saw pajama jeans at CVS yesterday and I so wanted to buy them for your lovely husband!!!

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