hoarding saves the day

Having flown to Europe and traveled numerous hours on trains to get to my final destination, I thought I was engaged in a crazy hoarding activity by keeping all the plastic silverware and extra towels I came across. I was even reading Stuff by Frost and Steketee who specifically characterize hoarders as carrying a lot of stuff wherever they go “just in case.” I picked out the plasticwear to throw out, put it back in my bag … and at least resolved I did not need to keep the ones I had used.

Then I got to my hotel/apartment with a meal I purchased at a supermarket and … there was a corkscrew and spatula, but no silverware… So now I am justified, as D. might say. See? Hoarding pays off sometimes.


One response to “hoarding saves the day

  1. the middle spoon looks like a ghost.

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