spring cleaning

I had coffee yesterday with two friends who were both frustrated by the lack of accomplishments during spring break. This is a daily emotion for me, but I have learned that creativity also takes down time and I try not to scold myself very often.

One of the two friends texted me last night to say she’s apparently a t-shirt hoarder. I asked how bad it is, she said she had about 60 t-shirts, I requested a picture, and here you have it. She says the pillow cases and socks are also getting out of control, but our talk had inspired her to do something productive with her break. It’s amazing how little space we need to store so much stuff, until we bring it out to the light and see what’s really there.

I’m somewhat comforted that I’m not alone in the challenges of dealing with stuff. I, too, have a particular weakness for textiles, but I went through the sock drawer about six months ago and it is still more or less under control. There will be more items to toss before we leave, but I have already mentally sorted almost everything for the big purge.


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