hoarding dreams, again

In a very convoluted dream last night, I was returning home to our house in Montana with a pet turtle. I kept getting confused about where the house was as we drove down Meadowview Ln. Someone jumped off the bus too early in the snow, thinking they would get there faster on foot. In my dream I was aware that the house no longer exists and that something else would be in its place. Someone was housesitting and our early return would surprise their three-some. Yes, it was a bit messed up.

One striking image from the dream remains, though. My brother was in the diningroom and the floor was littered with papers, bags, useless objects of trash like cassette tapes and receipts. In my mind I justified his choice to not throw the stuff away. It might come in handy later, at least for someone, but it was disappointing to see the house in such a bad state.

That part of the dream gave way to visiting a pregnant student and passing a homeless man who was catching a pigeon to eat. It was a grungy dream, all around.


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