burdening us with stuff

My hoarder father and my step-mother who suffers at the hand of his compulsion to keep spent the night with us on Sunday. Before I had a chance to relay the message that we did not want any presents for us or our daughter this year, they appeared with gifts – large bulky gifts that will never fit in a suitcase and will be expensive to ship abroad. I know I sound completely ungrateful in writing this, and I do appreciate that the gifts were thoughtfully chosen for our daughter who immediately loved them, but I felt upset at their need to buy us things. More stuff coming into the house will require more strategy for removing it.

After they left, I felt relieved. I was upset by their attitude that they could appear at our house with only a few hours’ notice and expect us to drop all of our work to allow them to play with their grand-daughter. The babysitter had to be cancelled last minute and neither of us were able to work with the continual interruptions and inquiries.

At one point while my father was playing on my iPhone he said he wanted to buy one so he could do email while my step-mother was on vacation. What a strange sense of logic that an iPhone would somehow be necessary because she was going to be away, when he already has a laptop and several other computers. My father’s solution to everything is to buy more things, especially gadgets, vehicles, or animals. What he buys to simplify his life only buries us deeper in the muck.



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