cleaning out

The two days in this week have felt like a year in terms of the stuff I have sorted. Over the weekend I went through a manic flurry of posting items on craigslist and unloaded all of my remaining wedding crystal today. Three people from craigslist have sent me thank you notes in the past week. That seemed odd at first, but the one I received just now really got to me.

just unpacked the crystal….it is beautiful! Thank you very much.  I appreciate the wisdom of a woman that knows when to hold onto things and when to let them go.  I remember when my children were young and I was thinking how much better off I’d be if my wedding crystal & china were plastic!  Anyway, thank you.  Enjoy your travels.

I’m genuinely pleased that someone else will enjoy what has been taking up space on a shelf for the past five years. We have consistently used the champagne glasses, but we have others. Letting go of those items feels a bit like cleaning out a wound to let it heal properly. It’s a painful confrontation met with relief. Although melancholy while packing up the stemware, I feel lighter without it.


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