i come by it honestly

I received the following slightly edited email from my father today. Where I get my tendencies seems obvious to me. I am excluding the section on my inherited tendency to procrastinate (which is what I’m doing right now).

I am so happy that S. is enjoying the doll house! I always wanted to build a similar one but never got around to it myself. It is sad how little we had to pay for it (I think somewhere around $150), considering how many hours the master must have put into it. It was donated to the fundraising auction for the Christian radio station here in L. We have bought three such things from there to date . . . S.’s doll house, the log cabin in the dining area (I think we only paid $35 for it), and a barn, which we gave to the boys last Christmas. They absolutely love that! What are you going to do for a doll house once you get to B? I cannot imagine leaving everything there in A and having to start completely over in a new environment. Moving to Y and then to Z was more stress than I would ever care to do again . . . UNLESS the Lord tells us to do it.



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