should I be afraid?

I’m either selling my Palm TX today or I’m getting kidnapped by “Merl” from craigslist who sent me this message so I know how to recognize him:
“See you then. I will be driving an old Maroon, Ford van, with a back window missing the glass. It has a piece of particle board in it. I will be wearing a camo booney hat and have a beard. Thanks.”

Merl has also described himself as “old and strange” with heart problems, diabetes, and night vision issues. Hopefully I can outrun him, or just hide in the dark if necessary.

Hurray for getting rid of stuff, but call for help if you don’t hear back from me.

P.S. If you Google image search “camo boonie hat beard” a picture of Johnny Depp comes up. There may be hope for Merl yet.


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