lovely hoarders

I met Merl on time and had no trouble recognizing him at the designated meeting spot. He walked up to the car while I was getting out and said, “See,” pointing to his face, “you wouldn’t want to meet me in the dark!” He looked a little like I imagined (a little like one of these Ernest Hemingway lookalikes), but was missing a few top teeth. All in all, a very pleasant man who reminded me a little of my dad.

We had a good chuckle, traded palm pilot for cash, and were both on our way. His van wasn’t nearly as scary as I imagined it, and I could see through the tinted glass in the back that it was full of neatly arranged collected items like picture frames.

I don’t know where all this stuff is going, but it feels good to get something in exchange for what’s been sitting around on shelves and in drawers for all these years.


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